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All of our content is how-to-do. It’s our concept, “learning by reading, and learning by doing.”

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Providing unique marketing services to growing business’s and B2B companies creating marketing strategies, develop solution providers, optimizing the sales process and evaluation of their existing marketing, advertising, selling, publishing, and you’ll find we always have an open line for questions and help. Our goal is to provide a healthy dose of how-to-do marketing information for the growing business and a B2B business company. Knowledge is POWER. That’s what we acquired from working with over 2,000 growing companies nationwide. In other words, helping a growing business or a B2B company, to fill the “holes” in customer acquisition and growing existing customer purchasing, with a very strong skillset.

Marketing Doc (mike Deuerling) is launching our Direct-2-Customer Web Community for growing business’s and B2B companies. Our goal is simple.  Provide a community to inspire and help a growing business, and a B2B company, with ideas in their marketing, advertising and sales. Visit our Library of Marketing for how-to-do content. Or you can request one of our quarterly newsletters, Direct Marketing Success, Direct Mail Success, On Target and weekly articles posted on our blog and others. Marketing Doc, provides a variety of share able articles that teach and you learn what is happening today in the world of how-to-do content for growing business’s and B2B companies  for continued growth. There is a lot to share. Subscribe to our website community today.

Three reasons to try direct2customers


It’s convenient 

We’ll sort through thousands of how-to-do articles, reports, studies and more, in our Library of Marketing, to meet your request and provide possible solutions for your problem.  


We are flexible 

If you want to be the best growing business or a  B2B company with a great marketing and sales department, we have a variety of tools to share. Expertise in direct marketing and mail, customer-customer-centric strategy, creativity, lead gen and selling solutions. 


It’s a low risk high reward

Custom-Made Marketing is an e-Book written to make you think, stimulate creative ideas, creative team building and much more. A valuable process to create custom marketing, advertising, and sales building strategic plans personalized for your company. There are 18 modules in our e-Book with a lot of stimulating questions that fit your company to a tee.  

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