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What is Custom-Made Marketing?

It’s our E-Book for a growing business marketing and sales review.

One that makes you think, analyze your answers, test, and then build a customer made marketing strategy.

“CUSTOM-MADE MARKETING” results created by you, to work for you, and to meet your goals for you.

The Custom-Made Marketing Storyline

A slider presentation of a walk-through on how to use the questions found in our 18 modules in Custom-Made Marketing.

The conversation consists of Kristen, an agitated marketer, and the MarketingDoc, helping her answer questions from the Custom-Made Marketing eBook.

Skillful Coaching…

by the book

Coaching Sessions

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Is This You?

Marketing, advertising, and sales copy is not easy to write and hard to figure what is right, and what is wrong.


Our response rates need to be better.


Customers come and go, but getting them back is difficult.


Lead generation. Is that tied to social security?

No, but it’s tied to job security.

This is the starting link to a slider presentation of a sample walk-through on using the questions found in the modules from Custom-Made Marketing.

If you always need to present a relevant message to a consumer numerous times conflicted by a budget, there is a answer for that. After all, I write about getting and keeping customers based on many experiences. 

Meet Kristen.

Kristen: “It’s becoming harder to meet deadlines, marketing goals, and our new customer acquisition program is in low gear.

Maintaining your team’s enthusiasm to get people to buy your product and/or your service in our present market is mind boggling at best. Try this! Do that! That never works! And the beat goes on.  

It’s always been a challenge to create consistently awesome attractions, but it’s now tougher.

I want to try some of the concepts of a customer-centric marketing strategy. But which one’s?”


What is A Direct-2-Customers Marketing Community?

A marketing website community, housing our Library of Marketing containing  thousands published of how-to articles, papers, reports and instruction articles in marketing, advertising, sales for small to midsize companies nationwide for over 25 years.

When you join our community...

the first thing we ask is what type of help are you looking for? Yes, it is free to join.

Follow my conversation with Kristen and her responses to get a sample of what the type of assistance we offer to all that join.

Mdoc. Kristen, what are you working on?

My manager wants to sell more product and services.

Mdoc.  Are you in marketing? Advertising? Sales?

Kristen. Yes, pretty much. Sometimes all three.

Mdoc. What is your deadline date?

Kristen. Whenever, but soon rather than later, I guess.

Mdoc. Need some help?

Yes!!! I like what I'm hearing,

But tell me more.

Where do we start?

I'll be your guide.

Let’s start with how the Direct2Customers Marketing Community can work for you.
Kristen. Sounds good.

I'll start with a chapter from my e-book

Mdoc. In this edition 6, of my Custom-Made Marketing e-Book, chapter one, there are a variety of questions that will help me understand what you have and need for you to get better results in your next marketing campaign.

I'm Beyond Reading

I need results, like yesterday.

Hear me out.

I use module one, which I call a situation analysis of your business.
I’ll use the 4 page module in a question and answer interview.
to learn more about your needs and organization.

Kristen: Tell me more.

Mdoc: During this interview, we both learn more about each others business expertise.

We share ideas. What worked and what not. Plus, we discuss change.


Tell me more.

Based on what you told me...

I’ll send you some content from our Library of Marketing.
We have tons of marketing content, published articles, and reports all written with specific topics in marketing, advertising, sales and managing a small business.


Sounds Great! Count Me In!!

We'll Start With Our Q and A

After that session will send you a group of articles and other content that will address your concerns.
And Kristen, this is free when you join our community. Check out our blog and read a few articles for yourself.

Please Join Us

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