Proven ways to increase customers and take your small business to the next level

Proven ways to increase customers and take your small business to the next level

I created question-and-answered marketing modules that are closely connected to accomplish overall goals for your company and customers.

I ask many questions. Share examples. Ideas are shared. It is a conversation. We both learn and understand about each other.
What is in it for you? A FREE E-book? Better business? Organization? Leadership? Success?You need to answer as many questions as possible. Why? My goal is to help you.

As I see how your questions are answered, I can provide content to you which can lead to solving a problem or two...

that are beneficial for you, so we can get you the best free content and the advice you need to succeed.



Plus, when you JOIN our community today...The first 10 companies that join, receive a FREE copy of my 6th edition Custom-Made Marketing E-book. (Expires last day of spring.)

Ready for a challenge?

How about building a Grade A marketing and/or selling model?

In the following four panels below are eighteen brief questions and twelve questions that will need a paragraph or two of your answers from each question. The more company info you can add to any of the questions is entirely up to you, but highly recommended. When we meet and discuss the questions, we both will pass on other information back and forward. This has always been one of the major successes of helping companies like yours.

The questions are also on a landing page.

OK, start building your list

and don’t forget to

send it to me via email.

You are on the clock!

  1. Define your product or service. Corporate marketing mission statement. Company goals.
  2. Did you use marketing research and analysis of your marketplace?
  3. What is the how and why customers buy?
  4. Do you have customer segments based on their buying habits?
  5. Your development of strategies, planning and advertising programs to profitability meets the needs of different segments.

What do you know and wish to

know about your marketplace?

  • Why do customers come to you and not competitors?
  • What common characteristics do they have?
  • List the benefits of importance to your customers.
  • Examine the marketplace’s wants and needs. What is a fit? Not a fit?
  • Examine your own strengths and compare these to your customer needs and wants.
  • Analyze the strengths of various competitors?
  • Do you try to be on the ground-breaking of industry trends consistently?

List advertising tools and tactics that you use.

If so, send samples. Such as;

  • Sales letters.
  • Sales visits.
  • Qualifying prospects.
  • Sales presentation.
  • Handling objections.
  • Closing the sale.
  • Follow up scripts to close a sale.
  • Customer databases or CRM.

What channels of distribution are you

using for marketing, advertising, and sales?

  1. Email.                     7. Brochures.
  2. Post cards.             8.Newsletters.
  3. Landing pages.      9. Blog
  4. Website.                 10.Digital.
  5. Social media.
  6. Posts.

Marketing and Sales Innovation

Small Businesses Served

Marketing and Sales Solution Providers Created

Years Of Experience

Custom-Made Marketing E-book

All the requested information above is from our Custom-Made Marketing E-book. It is a program I started building shortly after I started writing my small business and marketing plan in the Mid-eighties.

The book has a unique set of questions and facts for equipping your marketing tools to help you build a better business. I call it a custom company marketing and sales plan. All is based on your vision, teamwork, and your best customer experience. We’ll provide the fuel.

I created a tour of the E-book, so you can learn more about each module, and how Kristen, a small business marketing manager, got on board to help her boss get more business. Just follow the purple arrows on the left of the page, pointing downward after clicking on this page link.

The slide presentation reads like a walk-through on how to increase your efficiency of marketing, advertising, and selling using the first Module, A Situation Analysis, with thought-provoking questions, to get a better understanding of a company like yours in marketing, selling and other business operations. Check out the E-book table of contents on the second slide in the presentation.

Here’s An

Exceptional Special

The slide presentation is a conversation between Kristen, an agitated marketer, and the MarketingDoc, the author of the E-book, who will help her get answers from the questions in the “Custom-Made Marketing and Sales” E-book, A Situation Analysis.

Kristen’s goal is trying to find the right combination of promotions and advertising tools to increase audience response and creating more sales. In this back and forward learning experience we both understand more about the company and management team and ideas generated and discussed. These are questions that make people think while using examples and thought-provoking ideas from both sides.

There are 18 modules, and 75 pages in our E-book. I invite you to read each slide in the presentation. Each slide is less than 30 seconds reading time.

Module number one, Your Situation Analysis, is available in a free download in the slide presentation. I will give a FREE question and answer session of the Situation Analysis module with recommendations to improve your marketing and sales. Plus, I’ll toss in a free copy of Custom-Made Marketing E-book, a $79.00 value, upon completion of the module.


Here’s how to enter our free e-book, Custom-Made Marketing drawing.

Send your name, email, with “Module One Drawing” to If you are in the top 10, we will send you an email if successful.

If you are successful, here’s what happens.

I’ll interview the 10 companies to complete Module One.

This is a FREE question-and-answered session of the Situation Analysis module.

Once the Situation Analysis are completed and you were in the requested top ten, we’ll send you a copy of my E-book, Custom-Made Marketing.


Please share with others–except your competition!

Direct marketing copy is like a puzzle.

Sharing my time with you is not over at the end of a post. There are many ideas I experienced in owning a small business. My ideas about using and writing direct marketing and customer-centric copy are from my experience as a small business owner and a marketing entrepreneur in marketing, advertising, and selling content, articles, reports based on my philosophy of people learn by reading, then learn by doing.

Please join our Direct2Customers Marketing Community today!

This is what I do and what I love to do.

Thanks again for reading. Questions? or 800-251-3608

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Pick A Marketing Communication Channel, But Not Just Any Channel

Pick A Marketing Communication Channel, But Not Just Any Channel

Then share the most important ideas with the ones that make you money. 

There are numerous tools of the trade you’ll find when using direct marketing and mail. If you have read a few of my posts on using both within a direct to customer strategy, there are an incredible amount of tactical tools to help you reach your end game. 

Considering your customers can be challenging to determine what makes them buy, because one day this, another day that, but sending the same marketing message again latter, you get a different result. Who would of thunk it? 

These are just a few ways the pandemic has uprooted our daily lives to earn a living. Unemployed people and empty company locations will leave your marketing message unread, unseen, or unheard. 

Marketing, advertising, and selling professionals, must remain vigilant to stay connected. For instance, build a customer list of recent purchasers and even others who have not recently made a purchase. Do not be salesly with your conversation but show concern about your contact and their company. Offer to help by stretching out customer payments, free shipping or whatever benefit people love about your product and service. Saving money never goes out of style. 

Small businesses restaurants or a fitness center, and many other companies, are under siege via mask mandates, times or days allowed to be open, losing quality employees or letting them go because of the lack of funds. I am sure you get that point. This is not a good situation.

 So what do you want to do? Stay on the same path and hope for           better results?

 Now is the time to plan your attack but first, read on for other ideas. But   while you study all channels of communication to reach your   audience, write personalized messages n your blog like there is no   tomorrow about on what is to come down.

There’s so many channel preferences people have at their disposal, but the most important ones are what communication channels your desired audience may use. Unless you are one of the few waiting to determine peoples desired channels of choice, I am sorry to inform you, it is up to you to make that happen. 

In the past 25 years or so, I preached to many audiences everywhere to spend time to learn your customer’s habits, needs and wants, and to enter your results in a customer-contact management system. Or, if you sell a product or service, then into your busy book. When the information you collected is entered in a database, you first move is to develop customer segments. Start small and add on what else you learn. The knowledge you get from studying this data will make your marketing messages more relevant.

I created a lot of marketing and sales tools to help a business like yours learn how to analyze the data you collect. For example, how to segment your customers and prospects, start by building an easy form to help you see the big picture for achieving marketing and selling success.

FREE sample segmenting charts now when you subscribe to the direct2customer community. Click below.

The choice is theirs. 

Clients have more choices to buy than just your company. If your business is in everyone’s busy book, how do you stand out? So for instance, a direct marketing strategy is one of the more valuable tools in building an offer. An offer is vital for success. Still, many businesses assume their product is good enough to sell as is without an offer. Guess what? Wrong. 

Why? In one quick answer, the offer causes a person to stop and give your message a second look, a second thought. Is that the way your mind is rolling?

Now, many of you reading this may consider an offer of lower prices. But, if you took the time to learn more about your customers, you may have found a certain percentage of customers and prospects have other values when making a purchase. At the heart of any direct marketing message will always be an offering, whether you’re selling a product, promoting a service, driving traffic to a Website, or taking people to a retail location.

What is an “offer”?  

It is not to love and cherish a product for the rest of your life, but it can be. And no, it is not a discount, but it can be. It could be any number of other things as well.  

On the simplest level, an offer is the “terms of the deal.” It is you saying, “Here’s what you can get. And here’s what you have to do or pay to get it.” It’s the combination of several elements that make up the “deal.” 

Individuals who operate in the direct marketing and mail business understand the importance of creating a sense of urgency in a marketing offer. The value of having the sale happen now is that if it does not, it may not happen at all.  Condition that the sale happens now, it increases the likelihood that another sale will happen later. 

These are just a few tried-and-true strategies to help your customers and prospects overcome the dreaded disease of delay! 

Want to learn more about direct marketing?  For a limited time only, I have placed our most requested white paper, “The Right Notes in Your Direct Marketing, Make Beautiful Music for Your Customer’s Ears and Your Accounting Department”, on our report sending website free for the asking.  

This powerful report can change your opinion on your direct marketing strategy and realize, there is a better way to communicate with your audience – when you spend some time to get to know them! Your messages become more relevant and your customers feel more appreciated. And we both know what that means! 

Thanks for reading.

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Learning and doing, marketing, and selling ideas, is what you’ll find at your Direct2Customers community. 

It’s what we do. It’s what we love to do. 

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