How Every Direct Marketing Strategy Will Perform in Your Business…

How Every Direct Marketing Strategy Will Perform in Your Business…

Here's 4 reasons.

Out in the country, nestled between farms, silos and other tall structures, the wind can change direction in a moment’s notice.

Change. Not the kind in your pocket or purse. More like the movement and direction of the wind. Plus, even in your audience and customer contact list.

How do you plan for a change? You have a plan?

You can pick up a book pertaining to your situation. So, if that is your choice, you decided on learning by reading. Depending on the answers you are searching for, that can be a smidgeon of books or thousands of books deemed for your situation.

You might try a search on your browser of choice. If you are lucky and found some interesting reading, you still need to determine if it is right for you. I did not say this would be easy.


All good things come in 4's

Check out additional information on proofing by clicking here for a copy of Direct Marketing Success newsletter, Vol 18, No.34, “Four Simple Steps to Sharpen Your Proofing Skills and Keep Your Good Reputation Intact.” In addition, you will find 3 more articles, “Ready to Get Serious About Email,” “The Right Time for Business Growth Starts Today,” and “What’s New in Direct Mail?”

1. Change inherently happens to a person who plans for change.

For example, people who work in marketing, advertising, or sales comes to mind. Yes, they understand change can happen at a moment’s notice. I was consulting with a firm, which used company employees to proof marketing and sales materials. An employee in accounting found a mistake but did not turn her copy sheet in on time. Unfortunately, they sent it to a print-shop. I recommended to my contact to call the printer and ask for a proof sheet prior to printing.

2. The best copywriting can capture more sales and customers.

These direct marketing professionals have a very strong motivation gene in their DNA to use specific words go after the consumer tooth and nail to make a purchase. It is the powerful copy and presentation of offers no one can refuse.

Each direct marketing copywriter needs a design that aligns with their copy and pulls the reader into direct and digital marketing copy. All direct marketing and mail specialists know the frequency of messages sent on a schedule is incredibly read. They also know, not every direct marketing method will suit every business.

Every contact in your list needs a variation in parts of the copy to get attention. When it happens, it is like finding a pot of gold. I base some variations in customer segments and their profiles in a database. Especially true if you can do it below budget. Check out my post, “The Art of Copywriting.”

3. Learn by reading, learn by doing.

Seek to understand your unique audience and customer base. Personalization of your audience and customers used with multi-channel or digital marketing may be a double whammy and produce a significant increase in responses. However, do not forget the intricacies of personalization. Today’s direct marketing must be beneficial to your customers. Memorable messages to your audience with your marketing goals in sight is to learn more about them and to please them.

Read any marketing journal or the many advertising service providers’ daily emails you will find across the board, from small business to the largest companies. Marketing copywriters appear to lack understanding when, how, and why using personalization. Or some writers do not want to know. Memorable messages to your audience with your marketing goals in sight is to learn more about them and to please them.

In today’s data driven marketing era, it is important to capture customer information to drive business and future marketing decisions. When you use personalization wisely and appropriately, it is a powerful direct marketing mail tool that attracts attention, increases readership, and invariably boosts the chances for a response.

For additional information on data and personalization, click here for a copy of Direct Marketing Success newsletter, Vol 17, No.32. And on the front page read, “How to Turn your Customer List into A Dream List.” In addition, you will find 3 additional articles of reading and doing.

  • How to Motivate Your Customers into Action,
  • Quantity vs. Quality and,
  • One Word When Not Used Correctly

4. A solution provider mindset works well with a learn by reading and learn by doing skill set.

How can a company know if they stage it for complete success for direct and digital marketing? What is a good way to identify gaps in strategy, to repair mistakes that testing brought about, and what they learned from the last campaign that made your strategy not as effective?

Asking questions in the previous paragraph, need solutions. You may have or may wish you would have created testing points, such as response, communication channel tracking and website traffic.

If you are using direct marketing mail plus digital marketing, there are testing methods available from the USPS and response results from Google Analytics. If you used email and website landing pages, there is data to collect from the email provider to gather information on how your website took part in the analysis.

As the questions add up, a wise person would visit Direct2Customers marketing community to kick start learn by reading. Marketing Doc, the librarian, works with each member of the community to find the right marketing articles or content to start on the right path, free. Which then leads to learn by doing.

Seek to understand your unique audience and customer base and then work hard to find the most effective way to serve them.

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View marketing as a science. Whatever product or service you offer your audience, everyone is different. The larger the audience, you must adjust your data collection and analysis. You will need to adjust or add new segments and customer profiles on a schedule. Change comes and goes differently within your audience. You are always reading and always doing.


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Direct marketing copy is like a puzzle.

Sharing my time with you is not over at the end of a post. There are many ideas I experienced in owning a small business. My ideas about using and writing direct marketing and customer-centric copy are intertwined in the marketing, advertising, and selling content, articles, reports based on my philosophy of people learn by reading, then learn by doing.

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How to Survive and Succeed in A New Small Business…

How to Survive and Succeed in A New Small Business…

...or To Correctly Reorganize One

Making either decision is difficult. Nobody wants to fail. If you decide not to give up the ghost, and give it a shot, keep it simple. Look closely at your company’s operations and strategies. Determine what you need to improve.

What do you know about your customers and prospects? Customers are hard to get or to keep. Marketing and sales must perform and to meet their goals.

There are a variety of practical steps to take with marketing and advertising your company’s products and services to your prospects and customers.

First, let me talk about what a company needs.

(Top of right column) ->

What your company needs.

You need a business marketing strategy on how you plan to sell your products and services to prospects. When you sell and get a few customers, you will need a strategic marketing plan in place to boost your customer totals and revenue.
For a small business, I highly recommend a direct marketing strategy. Direct marketing means just that–sending a message directly to a prospect or customer who more than likely will make a purchase.

Next, you will need a list of contacts that have a propensity to buy and tell them why your product is the right choice for them. You will need a copywriter that knows persuadable copywriting.

Last you need creative marketing and advertising offers that your products were made for them. Direct marketing goals include a prospect to buy directly from a campaign, lead generation activities, and/or supporting your field selling activity.

The Heart of Business Success- 

Prospects and customers. 

As the sales trickle in, a customer-centric marketing strategy outline should be on your whiteboard, or at the minimum, in your head. If the customer-centric marketing strategy eludes you, here’s a smart start. 

For a new, or to reorganize a small business, a customer- centric marketing strategy means you have a goal to fulfill all the needs and wants each customer expects, with a passion to succeed, provide an extra step of service, and do it all with a smile. 

Stop and think for a bit about the block quote above. Then place a customer in your shoes. How would you react?

How do you decide to purchase a product or service comparable in pricing and some resemblance of similarity? Was it price sensitive? Did it come in assorted colors? How was the service? After your purchase, what did you think about the customer service?  

Another way to look at customer-centric marketing is-everything marketing starts and ends with your customer… cater to them, listen to them, and react to them. The results are amazing.  

When you email  a purchaser, ask them what they  think about your service or product. Their  answers will probably show you are already doing customer-centric marketing. The best marketing strategy that pinpoints the many reasons to keep and gain new customers.  


However, many people, who work in a small business management capacity, who read the preceding sentence will comment, “I know my customers and know what they want. I need more customers because I want to grow.” 

 Do they? Do you? 

Your time is better suited to listen to, talk to, and better understand your customers. This can increase your marketing results, customer acquisition and customer retention. 

Here are 17 short sentences that can help you learn more about customers. Plus, there is no rule saying you will not be able to use it with prospects. 


1. Keep it simple. 

2. Use automation such as a CRM.  

3. Learn and use analytics every single day. 


4. Halloween is every day. Customers get treats and offers to build on their relationships. 


5. Customer-centric marketing strategies remind us to learn more about customers.  

6. Prospects are potential customers which require  stronger messages of attention. 


7. Develop customer profiles pays you repeatedly.


8. Think of direct and customer-centric promotional  strategies as a well-oiled machine. 


9. Your response rate will hit double digits. 

10. Have you heard the phrase “Direct-to-Customers Marketing?”  Remember you heard it here first. 


11. Do you follow a customer’s journey? Make sure it’s  connected to your data and analytics. 


12. Thinking creatively can help you get more customer information. 


13. Direct-2-customers  marketing  can increase the likelihood of a two-way communication with each customer. 


14. Increasing customer conversations (your customer service) can increase data collecting  for additional personalization. 


15. Better customer data leads to future relevant communication. 


16. Customer acquisition is easier when you “buy in to a long tail.” 


17. Create a great opening line for networking and your direct marketing toolset to increase customer connections. 


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(From DMS 17.3, article 2. Download the complete publication at the end of this post)

Which one scores your highest ratings in marketing and advertising?

In the past, having a conversion rate when using direct mail, one percent was acceptable. What was the conversion rate number?

First, let us look at another example. A response rate is an important metric for analyzing a mailing or any other communication channel your customers may prefer. But a high response rate is not always the best goal.

If you’re trying to generate sales leads for a high-dollar service where the contract might be over one million dollars, a single reply that results in a sale might give you a low response rate, but it would likely represent a significant return on investment.

Therefore, your goal is not to maximize response but to maximize profit. Direct mailers in the past century would continually buy more lists to increase their mailing number hoping to get more responses. Hence, the name, junk mail.

Some of today’s digital marketers love telling anyone that listens they have over 200,000 followers. Hence the name, digital flame out.

“Single focused approach, effective utilization of natural skills, creative choices, and self- belief is essential to achieve superior quality.” ©Famous Quotes, on their 1 2 3 Website.

Profit is a good thing.

So, how do we raise our profit? One way is a mindset of delivering an offer, direct to the customer, and add another channel, such email or social media channel, and test to verify your outcome.

Testing allows adjustments which can create a nice increase to maximize your profit.

While there is a lot of creativity that goes into writing and designing communications, testing should be a careful and disciplined process. This is another example of using science in your marketing efforts within our data driven era.

Test one item at a time. 

It may be temptation to test a variety of ideas in every message. If so, it is impossible to know what element is responsible for changing your results.

For example, if you use a new subject line at the same time trying a new segment, which change will affect your results? By testing only one change per message, you can immediately see what causes your positive or negative results.

If you want to improve your landing page conversions, then use Split testing, better known as A/B testing.

For example, use A/B testing with two versions of your landing page that are almost entirely the same but have one specific difference you want to test. For instance, you could A/B test which headline or offer converts more by creating one page with a headline or offer A and the other headline with an offer B. Half of your visitors will see version A and the other half will see version B.

Test against your “control.” 

A/B testing can work with any communication channel you want. Even your control can be an email that has proven to be a winner. Once you have determined a winner, you can test other email messages or formats against it.

This type of testing works like a contest, with the old and new competing against each other. If your control wins, you know you should continue using it.

If the challenger wins, you know you might have a new control and should consider emailing the new message or format instead.

While there is a lot of creativity that goes into writing and designing your marketing communications, testing should be a careful and disciplined process.


The key takeaway is to test one marketing or advertisement message at a time. Plus, check out your analytics for additional campaign insights for maximizing your profit.

So, by now we can assume, quality pays?

Read the rest of publication DMS 17.3 

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