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In order to meet your marketing campaign goals, ask yourself:
  • Does your product meet the needs and wants of your customers?
  • Is the marketing message relevant to these needs?
  • Is the offer good enough to push the customer to buy?
  • Does the customer service team have the right information to satisfy a customer demand?

Our goal is to develop this direct to customer marketing community where companies can visit and get answers for their marketing questions and sales assistance to earn more money.

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“Thank you for a well-reasoned article Mike. Marketers’ understanding of the direct marketing strategy is quite limited. We need more good writing like this on the subject. Simply said, direct marketing goes well beyond the single medium of direct mail.”  Ted Grigg

“Hey MD! I hope you’re doing well! Great content you’ve been sharing  thanks for that!Marissa Rogers, Constant Contact

“Mike  I hope this finds you and your family well  I always read your posts with interest and fascination. You have become a Trans-Atlantic guru of mine……a long distance mentor so to speak, but without the consultancy charge at the end of the month..cant be bad..Eric Cooper, ‘The ManualWriter’

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