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First, we all learn by reading and doing. That is why this Direct2Customers marketing community was created. Our Library of Marketing is full of how-to-do content about exceptional marketing, advertising, sales and even how to increase profits for a growing business and a b2b company.  

Our Community Goal

When you have questions about your business marketing, you’re likely to find how-to-do content or a creative concepts giving you answers and ideas in, as we search the Library of Marketing. Plus, all of the articles and concepts are from real life marketing and small business experiences.  

Here’s how we started.

Direct Mail Marketing Success started publishing in the early 90's

Successful Direct Mail Marketing has excellent copywriting, designed for quick reading, uses attraction and attention to make the reader stop and captured by an offer no one could pass on.

Sharp marketers know everything starts with the customer. Without knowing what a customer likes, responds to what type of offer, and only makes a purchase just right for her needs, direct mail enters the home through the mailbox and exists quickly via the recycle bin. You may remember this was called “junk mail.”

We update existing how-to-do content to work in the present, Plus we publish frequently. Yes, there is more content in our library to chose from.

Our copywriting and designing a newsletter was originally created for companies who process direct mail for their customers, to use for their own advertising for mailing to prospects and their customers.

Our business-2-business and healthcare marketing background lead to successful newsletters in a variety of businesses and creating additional marketing and advertising programs.



We are always on a lookout for marketers and selling teams needing assistance to solve a problem.

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