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Our goal is to develop this direct to customer marketing community where people can visit and get answers for their direct marketing questions, using a customer-centric strategy, better advertising results and more sales. 

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Thousands of articles, reports, studies and more, for the small business and b2b marketing company, free in our Library of Marketing when you subscribe.


How to build the best small business and b2b marketing and sales department using direct marketing, customer-centric strategies, lead gen and selling solutions.


Custom Made Marketing is a marketing and sales e-book for a small business and b2b. Built to make you think, stimulate creative ideas, team building and more.



Library of Marketing

Our Library of Marketing is full of FREE content about marketing, advertising, sales and even how to run a small business.

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18 custom made marketing modules of team building Q&A, using such tactics as a Situational Analysis, a SWOT learning exercise and other tools, leading you to a treasure chest of ideas to make your company operations excel.

Marketing Culture

Our Direct to Customer Community provides you with an opportunity on how-to build or add to your present marketing culture. Learning by doing and learning by reading keeps your marketing and selling teams top notch. People working together on solving marketing or sales problems,  experience the value of working together as a team.

Better Marketing Results

Mike, the MarketingDoc, is a small business and b2b leader, who has worked with over 2,000 small companies during the past 35 years, on building a custom marketing and selling culture. 


Increasing the efficiency of customer acquisition is in creativity.

Creativity in our marketing culture, is testing a marketing problem to determine the best solution.

In our community, Marketing is viewed as “the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market.”

Library of Marketing

First, we all learn by reading. Our Library of Marketing is full of FREE publications about marketing, advertising and sales for a small business. Plus, all articles and concepts are from real life marketing experiences.


Customer-Centric Marketing

Marketing today is a consistent delivery of value to each and every customer. Your marketing must be centered on listening to your customers and building business relationships.

Custom Made Marketing

Assesses your present marketing programs, sales and advertising. A valuable process to create custom marketing plans for your company. There are 18 modules in our manual with a lot of Q & A. A great tune-up for your marketing and sales team.

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