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I prepared a slider presentation of a walk-through with myself and an interested prospect to increase the proficiency of her company’s marketing, advertising, and selling results in less than 5 minutes.

I start the presentation using our first module, titled “A Situation Analysis.” It’s a 4-page module that asks a lot of questions. I need answers, good, bad, or indifferent, probing deeper into her ways their company reaches out to the market of customers and prospects, purchasing and services.

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Is This You?

Marketing, advertising, and sales copy is not easy to write and hard to figure what is right, and what is wrong.


Your response rates must be better.


Customers come and go, but getting them back is difficult.


Lead generation. Is that tied to social security?

No, but it’s tied to job security.

Reading time: 5 minutes.

“We will find the right way for your company to arrive at solutions.”

Meet Kristen. This is her story.

I’m Kristen: “It’s becoming harder to meet deadlines, marketing goals, and our new customer acquisition program is in low gear.

Maintaining your team’s enthusiasm to get people to buy your product and/or your service in our present market is mind boggling at best. Try this! Do that! That never works! It’s an endless ride on a merry go around! 

It’s always been a challenge to create consistently awesome attractions, but now it’s a lot tougher for me.

I want to try some of the concepts of building a customer-centric marketing strategy. But how do I start?”


"Hey there, Kristen. I'm MarketingDoc. I started my small business in the mid eighties."

Prior to starting my business, I was a sales engineer, a solution provider, in a B2B company working with pollution control equipment.

I had the privilege to work with a variety of industries in B2B.

I was one of the first companies to market doctor practices, technology firms, and a variety of other small businesses nationwide, for over 35 years.

"The first thing I ask subscribers... what do you need for better performance from marketing and sales?"

  • Do you need better copywriting?
  • Creative marketing and sales?
  • Becoming strategic customer centric?
  • Adding more communication channels to reach more prospects?

“Follow along the conversation with Kristen and me and her responses to get a sample of what the type of assistance we offer to all that join our free community.”

“Kristen, what are you presently working on?”

"My manager wants to sell more product and services."


“Are you in marketing? Advertising? Sales?”

Kristen. Yes, pretty much. Sometimes all three at once.

“What is your deadline date?”

Kristen. Whenever, but soon rather than later, I guess.

“Need some help?”


My boss is a great person but I need better tools to get the results she is looking for.

For example, how to build a customer centric strategy would be a good start.

My list of tools is a lot longer, but let’s keep talking.


"I'll be your guide."

“Let’s start with how the Direct2Customers Marketing Website can work for you.”

Kristen. “Sounds good. I love your collage. I’m getting excited.”

"I'll start with a chapter from my new E-book.

In this edition 6, of my Custom-Made Marketing e-Book, chapter one, there are a variety of questions that will help me understand what you have and need for you to get better results in your next marketing campaign.

Later in this presentation you’ll have an opportunity to get a complete copy of chapter one.”

"I'm beyond reading.

I need results, like yesterday. Let’s keep moving on.”

"Hear me out."

“I use module one, which I call a situation analysis of your business.

I’ll use the 4 page module in a question and answer interview.

I need to learn more about your needs and organization.”


Kristen: “I am listening.”

During this interview, we both learn more about each others business expertise.

We share ideas. What worked and what not. Plus, we discuss change.

I started to assemble all my ideas as my business grew from the mid-80’s to share with customers.”


“Reading a few of these questions in the situation analysis I see your point. They stop you and make you think.

Plus, I get a free opportunity to get 2 additional pages of questions, fill in the blanks and interview me on my answers for my own situation analysis.

Thank you. Tell me more.”


"Based on what you told me...

I’ll send you content from our Library of Marketing. I loaded a copy of a cover from an issue in 2017. You can read the full issue clicking on this link.

We have tons of marketing content, published articles, and reports all written with specific topics in marketing, advertising, sales and managing a small business.


"Sounds Great! Count Me In!!

I can’t wait to tell my boss. I’ll make sure she is available for part of our Q & A with the situation analysis.

She will totally love the questions that make her think. Plus, all the articles, newsletters and other content in your library is a positive addition.”

"Great. We'll start with Module One, Our Situation Analysis."

“As we go through the questions, ideas will generate in our discussions.

Some will be ruled out and others will gain traction. I will access our library of marketing and gather some content for you to review.

And Kristen, we have a lot of content to share. Become a content subscriber. Subscribe today for our weekly newsletter at $48.00 for 3 months, and receive 4 additional weekly newsletters for FREE!.

There are 17 other modules in our book. The first slide has the table of contents. Let me know if you need questions answered about any module content.”




Remember, with your E-Book purchase today, I will interview you with the questions in Module One, Situation Analysis, absolutely FREE!.


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