Custom-Made Marketing

and Sales E-book

Our sixth edition, from a booklet we introduced in 1986, with periodic upgrades, is our first e-Book, handmade for a business looking for the right fuel to accelerate teamwork, business goals, and marketing and sales.

Just follow the arrows.

What is Custom-Made Marketing

Without a doubt, you will grow more and create a better business. 

There are 18 unique modules to build creativity. 

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Here's a chance to win a FREE GOPY of my Custom-Made Marketing E-Book.

There are 30 questions that will need a paragraph or more of answers for each question. The more company info you can add to any of the questions is entirely up to you, but highly recommended. When we meet and discuss the questions, we both will share information back and forward. This has always been one of the major successes of the program.


What You Want to Know - In Less Than Five Minutes

The slide presentation is a walk-through on how to increase your efficiency of marketing/advertising/selling starting with our Module One. Our Situation Analysis, ask serious questions and answers, to get a better understanding of the company’s marketing, selling and other business operations.

For additional questions about the 18 modules, the table of contents is in the second slide presentation.

The SETTING - is A Two-Way Conversation

This presentation is a conversation between Kristen, an agitated marketer, and the MarketingDoc, author of the E-book. I am will her answer questions how the “Custom-Made Marketing and Sales” handmade eBook is designed.

Kristen is trying to find the right combination of promotions and advertising tools to increase response and more sales.

A simple walk-through learning about Kristen’s company and management using questions that make her think how see can use examples and thought-provoking ideas for better results.

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Is This You?

Marketing, advertising, and sales copy is not easy to write and hard to figure what is right, and what is wrong.


Our response rates must be better.


Customers come and go, but getting them back is difficult.


Lead generation. Is that tied to social security?

No, but it’s tied to job security.

This is a slide presentation walk-through on learning about your company with questions that make you think by using examples and thought-provoking solutions.

Reading time: 5 minutes.

When you present a relevant message to a buyer numerous times and get no responses, there is always a solution. Articles in our library of marketing about finding and keeping customers is based on experiences with a wide variety of industries.

We will find the right way for your company to arrive at a solution.

Meet Kristen. This is her story.

I’m Kristen: “It’s becoming harder to meet deadlines, marketing goals, and our new customer acquisition program is in low gear.

Maintaining your team’s enthusiasm to get people to buy your product and/or your service in our present market is mind boggling at best. Try this! Do that! That never works! It’s an endless ride on a merry go around! 

It’s always been a challenge to create consistently awesome attractions, but now it’s a lot tougher for me.

I want to try some of the concepts of building a customer-centric marketing strategy. But how do I start?”


"Hey there, Kristen. I'm the MarketingDoc. I'm building a Direct-2-Customers Marketing and Sales Community and Forum."

What is my Direct-2-Customers Marketing Community and Forum?

In a nutshell, it’s a tremendous marketing and selling website community which houses our Library of Marketing. In the library are thousands of how-to articles, papers, reports, and courses in marketing, advertising, and selling ideas for small to midsize companies.

I had the privilege to work with a variety of industries in B2B. I was one of the first companies to market doctor practices, technology firms, and a variety of other small businesses nationwide, for over 35 years.

When you become a member in our community...

the first thing we ask is what you need for more perfomance from marketing and sales?

  • Do you need better copywriting?
  • Creative marketing and sales?
  • Becoming strategic such as customer centric?
  • Adding more communication channels to reach more prospects?

Yes, it is free to join the community.

Follow along the conversation with Kristen and me and her responses to get a sample of what the type of assistance we offer to all that join our free community.


“Kristen, what are you presently working on?”

"My manager wants to sell more product and services."


“Are you in marketing? Advertising? Sales?”

Kristen. Yes, pretty much. Sometimes all three at once.

“What is your deadline date?”

Kristen. Whenever, but soon rather than later, I guess.

“Need some help?”


My boss is a great person but I need better tools to get the results she is looking for.

For example, how to build a customer centric strategy would be a good start.

My list of tools is a lot longer, but let’s keep talking.


"I'll be your guide."

“Let’s start with how the Direct2Customers Marketing Community can work for you.”

Kristen. Sounds good. I love your collage. I’m getting excited.

"I'll start with a chapter from my new E-book."

Mdoc. In this edition 6, of my Custom-Made Marketing e-Book, chapter one, there are a variety of questions that will help me understand what you have and need for you to get better results in your next marketing campaign.

Later in this presentation you’ll have an opportunity to get a complete copy of chapter one.

"I'm beyond reading.

I need results, like yesterday. Let’s keep moving on.”

"Hear me out."

“I use module one, which I call a situation analysis of your business.

I’ll use the 4 page module in a question and answer interview.

I need to learn more about your needs and organization.”


Kristen: I am listening.

During this interview, we both learn more about each others business expertise.

We share ideas. What worked and what not. Plus, we discuss change.

I started to assemble all my ideas as my business grew from the mid-80s.”


“Reading a few of these questions in the situation analysis I see your point. They stop you and make you think.

Plus, I get a free opportunity to get 2 additional pages of questions, fill in the blanks and interview me on my answers for my own situation analysis.

Thank you. Tell me more.”


Based on what you told me...

I’ll send you some content from our Library of Marketing. I loaded a copy of a cover from an issue in 2017. You can read the full issue clicking on this link.

We have tons of marketing content, published articles, and reports all written with specific topics in marketing, advertising, sales and managing a small business.


Sounds Great! Count Me In!!

I can’t wait to tell my boss. I’ll make sure she is available for part of our Q & A with the situation analysis.

She will totally love the questions that make her think. Plus, all the articles, newsletters and other content in your library is a positive addition.

Great. We'll start with Chapter One, Situation Analysis

As we go through the questions, ideas will generate in our discussions.

Some will be ruled out and others will gain traction. I will access our library of marketing and gather some content for you to review.

And Kristen, our content is free when you join our community. Don’t forget to check articles in our blog.

We are always looking for guest authors to add their thoughts and ideas for the whole community.

Here's YOUR chance to win a FREE COPY of my Custom-Made Marketing E-Book with analysis.

There are 30 questions that will need a paragraph or more of answers for each question. The more company info you can add to any of the questions is entirely up to you, but highly recommended. When we meet and discuss the questions, we both will share information back and forward. This has always been one of the major successes of the program.


About The Book

MarketingDoc, Marketing Communications Group, Inc

There are eighteen modules in our E-book, and in each one is a unique set of marketing tools to help you build a better business, forged your own way, customized to best serve your unique customers.

As each question is discussed, the back and forth conversations between you and your team members, become more thoughtful about the business and marketing planning.  

Many people aspire to build a growing business. Some become small business owners via a purchase or from a family estate. Unfortunately, most people cannot pull the decision trigger timely and moan about their choice for many years and even decades. I believe the following sentence captures the real meaning of starting a small business. 

“If it was easy to start a business, most people today would own one.”

As you can imagine, keeping the business upright, requires an innovative formula to keep growing the business. This requires a plan. In our growing business today, change occurs repeatedly, rapidly and you may not even know about when it does. 

Today, we see many small, growing business owners looking for people with multiple skill sets, while trying to keep the cash flow a positive number and better marketing and sales results.  

People working in a small B2B company wear many hats and have unique job descriptions. However, there is one hat, marketing manager, that must define what it takes to build the small B2B company and meet company growth goals.  

A growing business marketing team should have people who understand the value of a positive marketing platform, salespeople who can sell, advertising that attracts, and all the employees living by the motto of “great customer service.”

“A good plan starts with heavy duty thinking, finding answers to many business decisions, marketing and sales questions, and be able to analyze the results.”  

What’s inside


Build A Marketing Mission Statement


Market Selection Process Exercise


Sales Force Marketing Functions


Segmenting All Contacts


Position Your Product/Service


SWOT Analysis


Plus a whole lot more!

Module 1 Questions searching for answers.

Let’s start with number one, our SITUATION ANALYSIS, in a worksheet format. Every module is written using a Q&A interview method to learn about your organization’s internal and external environment.

For example, understanding your business capabilities, customer types, business environment, product, pricing, and revenue. The situation analysis is designed to learn more about a company, and modified based on experience while used by more than 2,000 small businesses. The Q&A leads to ideas for changes in your marketing and advertising capabilities. Question examples, such as:

  • 1.Precisely define your company and your product or service.
  • 2. If you offer a product, define what it is, how it’s used, how it’s put together, and what are the expected results.
  • 3. If you offer a service, tell us what you sell in seven words or less, and what a customer receives when they buy it, how the service will perform for the person and who purchases it, and specify the single most important benefit.

I have used a Q&A tactical tool all through my business life. I find it sets a better opportunity to create marketing and sales programs that are inline with the customers expectations. 

Being a solutiom provder and So, subscribe today!



Our Custom-Made Marketing and Sales was carefully planned to help us know what type of marketing you’re using in your business and how Custom Made Marketing and Sales will make it better.

Planning is only the first step in helping the growth of your business. In the ongoing process of working with marketing, you will create and develop long-term business relationships with customers and within your market place.

And, you will learn how to gain more information about your customers that will allow you to achieve your broader business goals and increase revenue.

Where there is a will to learn, there are many articles here to learn and provide ways to get it done.

MarketingDoc on A Code of Growth.

Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you. 

A small B2B biz marketing mission statement

His radical geodesic dome granted a US patent in 1954. The radical design conceived by inventor R. Buckminster Fuller was futuristic and influential.

R. Buckminster Fuller, American Architect

“You cannot change how someone thinks, but you can give them a tool to use which will lead them to think differently.”

“Mistakes are great, the more I make, the smarter I get.”

“Sharing is having more.”


About the author.

I have had an inquisitive mind my whole life and always ready to learn. For example:

  • I have an associate degree in science
  • completed an apprentice program in carpentry
  • studied design at SIU
  • received a four year degree in Marketing from North Central College
  • added a few post graduate classes 
  • Taught a small Business program at Central Dupage College,Wheaton, IL
  • President of The Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce, Oak Brook, IL
  • Sales Engineer at an Nationwide Air Pollution Control Company, nine years
  • Small business owner since 1984

Why I work with small businesses

Small B2B businesses have used direct marketing mail as their main channel of communication. However, with sales people not properly trained, many small business are swayed to advertising and hope something sticks. You knowthe rest of the story.

The nature of our Direct-2-Customer marketing community is to share what we produced for over 25 years, written, taught and put it into content to help you with better marketing and sales.

Subscribe now and see for yourself. Tell us your problem or concern. We’ll search our Library of Marketing and sales and share our content or ideas with you. Join us today.

Mike Deuerling

Mike Deuerling

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