If you are a small business or b2b, welcome to our community to learn, get ideas, and visit our library of marketing for a plethora of articles and case studies. Over 40 years of providing solutions using marketing and selling experiences helping small businesses and b2b companies survive and thrive.


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Whatever you call marketing, analysis and selling, it’s a group of three. All good things come in threes. To enable you to see a clearer picture, check out the FAQ’s below. And then, please subscribe.

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40+ years of experience of helping small business and b2b companies totally improve their marketing and selling performace.

If you are a small business or b2b...

The Direct-2-Customer community offers learning by doing, get your marketing questions answered and by all means, to take advantage of what is offered.

Does your present marketing and sales tools disappoint you?

If you are looking for a new mix of marketing and sales tools to get more customers, join our community and see what others are doing.


Knowledge is power.

Looking for a new customer acquisition campaign? You’ll find an assortment of many ideas. Do you need better direct marketing copywriting? Learn the tricks of the trade in our community. From marketing strategies to advertising tactics, it’s in our community.

Trapped in a digital marketing nightmare?

Wake up and visit our Library of Marketing. There are thousands of articles,  based on real problems and real solutions. It provides the right information at the right time for attracting potential customers who want your product and services.

What is Direct-2-Customer?

Great direct marketing has excellent copywriting, designed for quick reading, and an offer which is hard to ignore.

Customer centric marketing fulfills all the needs and wants each customer expects using a strong value proposition.

Created and designed for B2B marketing and selling strategies.

  • Learn what really works and how.
  • Better teamwork.
  • Better organization
  • Company growth.

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