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In 1984, Mike Deuerling (aka, MarketingDoc) started building his company culture based on creativity, constant  learning,  develop problem solution providers in house, plus studying the science side of direct marketing.

Customer personalization and data analysis results led more companies to look at the science side of marketing. The content Mike and his team wrote is found in our Library of Marketing.

It’s important to grow closer to customers. Today, more than ever, change is occurring at breakneck speed, and what is working today could be obsolete tomorrow.  The direct marketing and customer-centric strategy is alive and well. 60 years old and still working.

Learn how to change your marketing and advertising while building your direct-2-customer culture. Since 1984, over 2,000 companies know why and how.

Target All The Right Customers

Providing the right information, at the right time, for attracting prospects, customers, and learning more about them, is a key for success as you enjoy how your business grows.

Analyze & Increase Traffic and Conversions

Personalization is an effective way to keep customers spending their money on your products and servicesand leads to answers why they buy. 

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   Marketing, advertising, and sales are about ads, or blogs, or promotions, or content marketing, or trade shows or client acquisition or CRM or data management. Yes, marketing includes all of the above. But it’s so much more. In fact, that stuff doesn’t even cover the more important items every marketer should be aiming to contribute to the business



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