Here is how to use an "opportunity" to attract more Customers

Finding the right answers is the importance of buying opportunities for your customers. If you need a bit of motivation in your direct marketing, let us discuss the importance of “opportunity.” 

When your team is developing effective marketing and advertising, there is a strange but true corollary:

People do not buy things; they buy opportunities! 

They do not buy stuff for their hobby or paraphernalia for their wardrobe; they do not even buy gadgets, services, or ideas.  

They buy opportunities such as exclusive offers, promotions, no interest when paid by a special date, familiar offers, long-term financing, and easy payment conditions.  

That is why, when you choose direct marketing mail, it is important to spend as much time talking about buying opportunities as you do about the products or services you sell.  

Direct mail is more personal, so your copywriting and design can put your reader into your buying opportunity. In fact, you want to spend as much or more time talking about your offer than you do about your products or services. Because even the best products and services and direct marketing campaigns—unless they are merchandised and encased in attractive offers—can fall short of their goal. 

Using direct mail is a one to one opportunity

When you decide to use direct mail, make it even more powerful. The purpose of all marketing, direct mail included, is to motivate a prospect or customer to act: to call, order, buy, request information, visit your website, or whatever, to take the next step.  

The next step is to set the motivation table. In simple terms, “hey prospect or customer, here is an opportunity you were waiting for, so don’t miss this chance again”  

Making this happen in this fast-paced, highly competitive world is not always easy. The reason is that it takes a tremendous amount of planning and implementation expertise to make that response occur. Build a checklist, adding every idea or change; your entire team must know about all the details. 

As a team leader or manager, your mission is to coordinate all the elements that lead to a successful direct marketing campaign: data, lists, message content, offers, visual impact, timing, frequency, postal rate efficiencies, postal automation compatibility, and on and on.  

Regardless of how much you mail or how often, you will always want to seek overall team leadership, professional guidance, and the advice of experts to achieve the greatest response to your direct marketing mail campaigns. 

 A lot of these best practices in direct marketing using mail can certainly be moved to some of the social or other traditional communication channels. Email, for example, is a great tactic to increase the response of your buying opportunity(s).  

It just may be the extra motivation your customer or prospect needs.

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