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A marketing manager uses the best strategies to accomplish the goals through planning as created by the management team and consultants. There are many tactical tools to select with a variety of channels to meet the goals set forth by management as it pertains to selling product and services.

“There are many direct marketing strategies for consideration now days, but none are one for all. So, before you wrap your hands around a direct marketing strategy, first do your homework. Follow along in this typical scenario that will make your selected direct marketing strategies work for you as you expect.”

First, remember that advertising is a tactic of marketing. Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers. You need to understand what all your contacts, customers and prospects need, examine the analytical data, and respond to them in their preferred communication channel. Customers will share their thoughts about the products you offer, but you should start the contact to gather more results. Good tactics, a suitable response, equals better marketing results.

Your tactics become more effective when you use relevant copywriting based on collected data. Increase in the frequency of messages. Always use what you learned about customers from the last advertisement they received.

I look at an advertising tactic as a tool. Here’s what is a must in your toolbox.

  1. A tool using direct mail as a channel.
  2. A great headline.
  3. A post in social media. An instructive way to do something with your product or service.
  4. A digital marketing channel, such as a how-to video, can capture more eyes.

Using two channels, such as email, especially in concert with direct mail, will increase response. Use a content marketing tactic in a webinar, trade shows or a post on social media, such as LinkedIn.

Just like a fork in the road, there are many paths to arrive at one designation. Which is the best road? Sharing information and keep tabs on what tactics a customer responds to is a great signal you’re on the right path.

When selecting your advertising tactics, it’s important to keep your message consistent. A communication may take a considerable number of “direct hits” to get your prospects to act. So, if you leave the marketing and advertising channels too quickly, you’re taking an enormous risk that a contact will remove your company from their memory. Be patient.

What was just described is rather simplistic. However, since there are many steps to take with your marketing planning efforts, it’s never a good idea to skip a step or two until you know why.

There’s the problem.

People skip a response. Getting the right marketing and advertising in place is a lot of work, but if you expect excellent results, it’s worth the time.

Tip: Anyone managing a marketing campaign eventually starts second guessing their choices, which are expected. Unfortunately, if no one recognizes the problem, that will lead to poor responses.

Have patience with the “direct hits” to get your contacts to act. If you leave the scene too quickly, they removed your company from their memory. For example, a display pop-up may have to be seen 25 times before a contact reacts. And, other tactics, must support it such as email or direct mail. Multi-channel communication is a must for many businesses to get expected results.

Your contacts can miss a few issues of your email or the web landing page selection on your website. If you decide to change your advertising, any contacts who return to the landing page may easily pass right over the new content.

You must program people for familiarity. Therefore, your logo, tagline, positioning, brand, and so forth, is critical for success. That’s why it belongs in your creative marketing strategy.

So, commit to keeping your message consistent, set up a frequency and give it time.

  1. Fine-tune your marketing based on customer suggestions or data analytics.
  2. It may take time, depending on the product or service, to see measurable results.
  3. Remember, it takes a multi-channel approach to reach a target market.
  4. Contacts need to be reminded by you and be there when they are ready to make a purchase.


Action Plan & Timeline

A very specific calendar of tactical placement is important. Always remember, you may know where you are, but you may not know how you got there. Examine each tactic for success. Such as the number of inquiries when they occurred, why they occurred, and how they occurred.

Then evaluate each tactic based on cost, marketing channel, and message effectiveness. Finally, was the successful tactic seasonal? Did more calls occur at a time of the year from a specific tactic or medium source? Analyze. Analyze. Analyze. A little fine-tuning can make the difference between overall success and failure.


What are buyers looking for?

  • Best price (value).
  • Buying is simpler.
  • Branding.
  • Available, searchable, accurate information.
  • Experience.
  • Great communication.

Thanks for reading and please share with others – except for your competition! I truly appreciated it.

Please share with others–except your competition!

Direct marketing copy is like a puzzle.

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