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For starters, you will need to appoint…

A marketing manager uses the best strategies to accomplish the goals through planning as created by the management team and consultants. There are many tactical tools to select with a variety of channels to meet the goals set forth by management as it pertains to selling product and services.

“There are many direct marketing strategies for consideration now days, but none are one for all. So, before you wrap your hands around a direct marketing strategy, first do your homework. Follow along in this typical scenario that will make your selected direct marketing strategies work for you as you expect.”

The first step is the hardest

Attracting attention is marketing and is extremely important. You first attract the attention of your target buyers with your company logo, corporate colors, and tagline. When you design your company “look,” define the type of business you are marketing. Is it friendly or austere? Do you offer bargains or firm practicing? Make your company colors and logo a reflection of your business personality.

Creative marketing strategies outline a broad plan of action that best uses the organization’s resources to achieve a marketing goal. Marketing strategies are the specific actions taken by the organization to communicate with the select primary target groups. Here are at least two major marketing strategies to consider in your direct marketing. 

  • Market Penetration. Getting more customers for the present product/service. Tactic- communicate more effectively and frequently. 
  • Market expansion. Getting more customers from new target groups and marketplaces. Tactic- Understand client needs and wants and offer solutions from product/service offering towards the target.

In conclusion, you and your team must carefully design a marketing strategy to meet a marketing goal and the demands from a client base to be effective. For example, in a growing business, market penetration can be very successful. Next, we will analyze several tactics available to achieve a strategic goal. 

Onward to the next challenge.

For starters, use a name of action, such as money-making for the next marketing planning project. Analyze the captured marketing data from previous advertising campaigns, looking for the good, the bad and any mistakes you want to avoid. A small business needs as much information as possible to meet the company sales goal for the direct marketing program and advertising tactics. Don’t count this action short.

Marketing strategies defined are the specific actions taken by the organization to communicate with the selected primary target groups. The very nature of a direct marketing strategy is to get your marketing message to a prospect and customer, easy to read, and acted upon by the recipients. A sales goal for a direct marketing strategy could be x amount of dollars received, number of products sold in y amount of time, and on a what specific communication channel.

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Direct marketing copy is like a puzzle.

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