Seven Insights Why Your Marketing and Advertising…

Seven Insights Why Your Marketing and Advertising…

are hurting your goal attainment.

History Repeats Itself

cannot meet your goals

ONE. Your approach to marketing was not unique. 

TWO. No matter how great your product or service is, the fact remains that those who “need to know” need to be aware of what you offer.

THREE. Not using or a poor handling of prospect and customer data.

FOUR. Not any or not enough customer and prospect data collected or analyzed. 

FIVE. Not tracking and collecting customer data from your marketing channels – such as emails, social media, and your website. 

SIX. Lacking a multi-strategic marketing approach.

SEVEN. Your marketing and advertising communications are not beneficial to your customers.

The biggest reason in building my list of seven insights started when people find the next wonderful thing in marketing, sales, and advertising to bring in more customers. For example, our first one was the introduction of direct mail. In the 1950s, advertising direct mail flourished because everyone had a mailbox.

Then color television hit the scene, followed by transistor radios. More channels entered the market. Contact management software was a sure hit. Next was data management, the WEB, social media and on and on.

What happened next?

If you are a mailer and guessed competition in the mailbox, you are correct. Direct mail is still in contention some 75 years later.

More competitive ideas, one after another for using direct mail, works for a while before some other channel offered a lower rate or another idea or two to persuade others that direct mail is dead. 

 A next-door neighborhood once mentioned to me when he was in grade school in the sixties, he delivered newspaper sized flyers for one of the area’s largest department stores. They were 10 to 12 pages and sometimes more with a holiday approaching, which he folded and threw a copy toward the front door to every house in his neighborhood. He guessed the total delivery was over 500 to 600 flyers every Thursday. I’m certain he was cheaper than the postage cost using direct mail delivery.

Other channels entered the market in the sixties. Television was growing, especially color. The transistor radio entered the market providing more people to hear a sales message. Next, more channels emerged, such as contact management software, CRM, customer data, social media.

At present, the next best marketing and advertising channel to use is digital marketing, not only retail, but B2B as well. Since almost everyone has the means to visit the web, direct mail again has more competition.

Customers come and go. Their life changes. People move. There is a new flavor down the road. There are many reasons for how and why customers change.

Look at my 7 insights once again. Then dig into your customers and prospect data. The more you know about customers and potential customers, alerts you about changes in their purchasing patterns. Changes in your competition. Changes in communication channels you used to reach them.

Insight is a wonderful thing in marketing and advertising.

Thanks for reading. In marketing, nothing is new or surprising. The only thing certain is the customer has many options. Spending time to learn more about them, what they like, will pay off. Please call me, MarketingDoc, (800-251-3608) or email, We are always here to help you meet your marketing and mailing goals.

Please share with others–except your competition!

Direct marketing copy is like a puzzle.

Sharing my time with you is not over at the end of a post. There are many ideas I experienced in owning a small business. My ideas about using and writing direct marketing and customer-centric copy are from my experience as a small business owner and a marketing entrepreneur in marketing, advertising, and selling content, articles, reports based on my philosophy of people learn by reading, then learn by doing.

Please join our Direct2Customers Marketing Community today!

This is what I do and what I love to do.

Thanks again for reading. Questions? or 800-251-3608

How To Tune-up Your Most Important Marketing Tools…

How To Tune-up Your Most Important Marketing Tools…

create a regular maintenance schedule to get and keep customers buying.

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Square Up For The Challenge

In years past, I came across various marketing programs, mostly in business-to-business companies which were openly disgusted with their sales force. Conversely, their sales force thought that marketing could not tie their shoes and chew gum at the same time. Or so they said.

Eventually it became the norm, not only in business-to-business but other types of small business. Mostly, people were looking for someone to blame. For example, a key marketing attribute in B2B is to differentiate customers from one to another using targeted personalization. Building segments with personalization was the usual starting point in their marketing campaigns.

The big problem still exists.

Databases lead to customer relationship management software to store collected data to lump prospects and customers with similar traits. Sounds reasonable, but to keep this article short, read the quote by Mr. Thomas Wieberneit.

“CRM is over 30+ years on and salespersons still hate it.” 

Thomas Wieberneit,

Customer Think, July 9, 2019

It pays to get along!

I was always intrigued by the dislike between the two departments. Marketing is everything management can do to increase income using attention and attraction for salespeople to sell more goods and services.

For example, advertising is a tactical tool of marketing to announce products and services are available for sale. The sales team works with advertising promotions to gather interest and sell goods and services.

Sales is a tactical tool under the umbrella of marketing.

Advertising and sales, in small business marketing, must be in unison with marketing.

1). Here is another definition of advertising to think about – an audio (podcast or video) or a visual form of marketing communication that employs a sponsored message (on social media, webinars, websites) to promote and sell a product or service using skillful ideas by a variety of businesses or organizations. This is a channel marketing tool based on reaching your customer.

How do you know it will reach a prospect, let alone a customer?

2). What are sales classified? An exchange of a commodity or service, at a one-to-one encounter, at a price to obtain a good or a service.

Yes, it is another marketing channel not for everyone.

You have options.

Looking at combining sales and marketing, servicing a small business may work when having:

  • All advertising and sales have a shared vision.
  • Facing the challenges together.
  • Improving communication and learning from each other.
  • Meeting goals and improving efficiency.

In most cases, company leadership tries using a band aid to close a much deeper wound. Never hesitate to increase sales with advertising in a small company. Usually, there are a variety of ideas that will help you build realistic goals when moving forward.

Most people agree that marketing, advertising, and sales are undergoing a makeover. If marketing and of sales collaborate, this will help a company become better marketers.

Thanks for reading.


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