by | Nov 5, 2021

Now is the time to do the talking-STOP-then listen

While searching for a particular B2B article, I uncovered an important acronym from the past. No, I do not misinterpret it for the carrier UPS or United States Postal.

I commonly refer the letters USP to a Unique Selling Proposition. A USP answers the questionBuy our product and you’ll get this humongous benefit.”

How do you get one? They are not available in stores. I recommend you talk to your customers.

But, before you do that, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. They buy your products. What do they like about your products or services?

Go ahead, take a few minutes and jot down a couple of reasons. Then go ask your marketing and sales teams. Customer Service. Ask a few employees that correspond with your customers. Ask a few of your suppliers.

Over the years, I’ve seen many companies achieve success by learning more about how customers use a company’s products and services. Yes, everyone in a company has some knowledge about your market, and your marketing and sales teams know it best.

However, when is the last time you asked? Considering the slowdown of the pandemic and people returning or leaving work, there are new challenges that a company like yours may solve. Plus, your customers’ needs and wants may also have changed.


Is now the time?

This is an extraordinary time to check out the benefits of building a customer-centric marketing strategy. Great customer service is the tie that bonds future growth, and sales leads to new products and services.

Companies have already taken the time to learn from their customers what makes their product or service better than the competition. Listening to and working with customers, and by providing them solutions from your products and services, give your company that “uniqueness” to be remembered by.

“And a competitive service advantage is fact-based around unique reasons for someone to buy from you.”

For example, it’s rare for a company that can make fact based unique service statements about it –

  • “Quality service;
  • “Quality people;
  • “Low fees;
  • “Guaranteed results!.

“A unique service is one that is, without serious question or doubt, singular to your company.”

What are you waiting for? Don’t wait for the competition to read this blog.

Now, get out there and start talking with your customers. As soon as the customers experience your concern for their needs, it will lead to a better relationship and even more business collaboration.

Be patient. You may not immediately have the answer (s), but when you do, you will be in a much better place.


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