It pays to do your research. Here’s how.

It pays to do your research. Here’s how.

When Did Market Research Disappear?

Was it snapped up by digital marketing and now hiden in a closet?


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Market research companies did not come cheap for many businesses. Some small or medium-sized businesses knew how to start their research, but usually within months, the program was AWOL.

In our Direct Marketing Success newsletter, Vol 19, No. 38, our lead article is “How to do your own market research!” for a small or medium-sized business is how to learn more about your marketplace. Who is buying your products and services? What are some of their characteristics? Buying habits?

No matter what you think or know about your customers, there is always something you don’t know, but need to know.

But, before you leave this broadcast, possibly with the idea that market research is a waste of time and money, check out these easy how-to-do *four steps in the article, “How to do your own market research!” Even if you’re not interested about market research, you’ll find a lot of ideas in this article, such as how to collect more customer data and additional customer information.


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