Someone once told me to keep my copy short…

Someone once told me to keep my copy short…

Maybe for some people who have no interest in the topic I wrote about.

I understand that. However, I am a problem solver in and out of my marketing community ( and at home as well.

Make some good moves with the music

My wife and I moved to a farm area in upper central Illinois about fifteen years ago. We had enough of the big city life.

A lot of my college friends grow up on a farm. They invited me on occasions to visit their farm over a long weekend.

Farmers are good problem solvers. Farming is a business. As in any business, they need to find a solution for a problem, which usually turns up at the most inopportune time.

So, what can the farmer do? Take off the farming hat and become a creator. “What’s on hand that I can use or make to solve the problem?” And yes, they always do.


    Write to communicate.

    Since my lifetime experience is in marketing, advertising, and sales, I usually connect with people, who are searching for help to reach and sell to more people. Sounds simple enough, but really is very difficult.

    There are so many things that could go wrong. If your customers are people, you get what I am writing about. Some buyers purchase one day and gone tomorrow or forever.

    If that is your goal, you’ll always need to beat the bushes to survive.

    Today’s customers are better educated. During the rise of direct mail, people search for customers, bought mailing lists of buyers, printed the mail pieces, and mailed hundreds of thousands of pieces to get a pathetic return. Even a small return of buyers fueled their mailing minds to mail again, usually to the same list.

    Today, the right way is building a strategic business plan. Become a fan of a customer-centric marketing strategy. Develop better ways to understand your customers, prospective customers, competitors, and your marketplace, direct and indirect. There are more channels of communication competing with mail, but each channel, such as email, brings home a piece of the bacon.

    There is a lot of information available for success this year. There are a variety of ways to use it. Your company is unique. Therefore, your customer-centric strategy is unique to your company.

    I helped thousands of companies build successful marketing and sales. So, when I share my information with a company, I always base it on my experience. So, when you read my articles, I share as much information as possible. You don’t want to be like the direct mail companies of the past. Throwing money against the odds of failure is a no-win situation leading to disaster.

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    Mike, Mdoc