Direct marketing has hundreds of tactics to reach your customers…

Direct marketing has hundreds of tactics to reach your customers…

more and more companies, big or small, are searching for direct marketing ideas.

The efficiencies of direct marketing led to a long success for many small business marketing firms and importantly, how to make them work for your small business today. Today I read a report that larger companies are eyeing ways to use it as well.

In small businesses today, B2B, healthcare practitioners, start-up companies, and retailers, advertising to the masses is possible but not likely effective. In fact, small business advertising was and still is harder for a small business to function properly and to sustain growth, but even worse in the pandemic.

There is a lot of noise created by the thousands of mid to large companies trying to get the attention of any person and convince them to buy their products. There is no room for a small business to even think of trying.

Did you ever travel with your favorite sports team to an away game? I bet the noise was deafening whenever the home team had the ball, was at bat or handling the puck.

That is a metaphor for the present state of small business advertising today. For your message read or heard by a customer or prospect, you must shout louder than the home team. Here, a small business can never match the advertising dollars of the much larger companies or worse yet, maybe their competition.

Direct marketing techniques are more than a single communication channel.

Direct Marketing is a good defense communication channel when using direct mail. Direct Mail is an important channel of direct marketing, and many of the small businesses that use it will agree. Even the postal service offers programs, such as Informed Delivery and Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is affordable for the many small business’s market.

“Direct marketing means delivering an opportunity to buy directly to a single customer through any channel that the customer may use or prefer.”

No mid to large corporation would ever use direct marketing in their advertising based on the definition above. But there are looking. Yet, a small business can and should use direct marketing in all their advertising to customers.

Specifically, direct marketing has a variety of tactics to reach customers. A marketing message can gather the reader’s attention with captivating copy, an impactful design, and crafting an offer that is hard for anyone to refuse. Using a website landing page will keep the communication moving to a sale.

If you like that idea, let us look at another strategy when combined with direct marketing to speed up company growth.

Today’s small business marketing environment is ideal for using direct marketing.

First, advertising is a tactic of marketing. Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers. You need to listen to them and respond to them. Customers will share their thoughts about your products.

If you believe that this is the “age of the customer,” then it is the perfect time for you to behave like a customer you would love to have as a customer. Ask your customers daily.

As a marketer, the purest, most simple goal you should have is to get a potential customer to receive your marketing message, read the message and make a purchase. Direct marketing’s developed PROVEN strategies and tactical tools for helping customers to respond to your message. Check out the graphic on our web page today.

In summary,

Knowing what type of marketing works well today is not a guarantee for tomorrow. However, when you stay true to your commitment to gaining a better understanding of your customer’s needs and wants, you will always know when a change is in the wind and figure out how to react to it.

Direct Marketing Solutions Market 2020 Size, Share, Forecast to 2026: MRM//McCann, Acxiom, Leo Burnett, Epsilon, SourceLink, Merkle, Harte-Hanks Direct, Rapp, Wunderman

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Direct marketing copy is like a puzzle.

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