How is your customer acquisition program performing these days?

Now, you will not tell me you do not have one in place. Good if you do, but shame on you if you do not. Here are a few ideas if you do not or if you do, here are a few new ideas that will help.

Locating and recruiting new customers is an essential activity for every business. So, you spend much of your time attempting to attract the attention of viable prospects and make an initial sale.

Sometimes, however, there is a tendency to concentrate so heavily on seeking new customers that we often overlook the ones we already have.

That is why it is so vitally important to make sure you divide your direct marketing and mail dollars appropriately between the two activities.

Go for a tail

Go for the “long tail in direct marketing and mail” with as much energy as you go for the initial sale. Go for developing strategies to build repeat business over the long haul with the same energy.

  • What type of tactics were used to capture the first wave of repeat business?
  • Can these businesses become aligned with existing business to see if there are any similarities?

For example, by providing a greater variety of inventory (extending the long tail), businesses hope to reach more customers and generate more total sales. If your customer is a printer, you have an inventory in place of paper, toner, color cartridges, service contracts, and so on.

You may not think your company does not have a tail, but check it out.

  • Could you build in and offer a service or maintenance contract?
  • Could you devise annual reviews or client updates?
  • Could you create innovations in your products or services that encourage customers to repurchase more frequently?
  • Longer life of cartridges? Toner.

Many businesses have tails they do not even know they have. By looking closer at your existing customers, are there different ways consumers use your product?

If you have weak or non-existent customer profiles in your company database, now is a good time to build them. Just make sure you keep “going for the tail” as the end goal that brings in another revenue stream from existing customers.

No, you will not find a whale in a stream. But you may find a whale of a tale from a new customer!


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