I thought you might want to know a few promos from the USPS…

I thought you might want to know a few promos from the USPS…

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I thought you might want to know a few promos from the USPS…

The USPS classifies most mail based on the dimensions of the mailpiece. I consider the most common mailers “letter-sized”, so they measure 6.125″ x 11″ or smaller. Be aware that letter-sized mail that is square requires a non-machinable surcharge. Said another way, postage is higher for letter-sized mail that is square-shaped.

Post card rates, which apply to individually mailed postcards 4.25″ x 6″ or smaller, will increase one cent to 36 cents apiece. Keep in mind that the “postcard rate” for bulk mail is not available.

Bulk Mail Postage Rates. Overall, first class mail postage rates expected to increase 1.8% while marketing mail will increase 1.5%. Depending on the distribution of your mailing list, and USPS location where you drop your bulk mail, rates will vary.

Move update. The USPSR recently published a Move Update Methods Requirements Fact Sheet, available on the PostalPro website. This sheet lays out the various USPS products and services available to meet the Move Update requirement. It requires mailers to update all addresses on First-Class Mail, Parcel Select Lightweight, and USPS

Marketing Mail within 95 days prior to the postage statement finalization date.

The Postal Service Informed Delivery service allows customers to see the incoming mail pieces being delivered to their mailbox each day. You can take part in Informed

Delivery Campaigns by providing color images of mail pieces along with links to related digital content.

Recipients can access these links from their daily USPS email notifications. This is an excellent opportunity for mailers to “double down” on their touch points with mail recipients-a digital touch before they open their mailbox and then again when they open the mail piece.

Visit a local USPS or contact a direct mail company member in this LinkedIn Group,

Direct Marketing and Mail Success

Group to learn more about these programs available from the United States Postal Service.

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