“I’m looking for answers.” Part Two.

“I’m looking for answers.” Part Two.

“If business growth is all about your marketing and sales effort, which one adds more to the bottom line?”

Within a small business and especially a B2B company, the answer is simple.

They both do!

“I’m looking for answers.” Part TwO


“If business growth is all about your marketing and sales effort, which one adds more to the bottom line?”

OK Mike, but you asked, “Why is business growth and development more challenging today?”

Because a large percentage of businesses will increase sales activity, which is a hopeful solution and depends on a defined growth strategy using the tools of marketing and sales. The selling process is a constituting part of a larger whole; constituent, of marketing.

As noted above, a percentage of small businesses do not excel at both sales and marketing. Most businesses try by hook or crook to increase sales, but that is a short-term effort that can bring temporary results.

Therefore, the correct answer is---

The answer for the business owner lies somewhere in the "indecision of sales and marketing."

To achieve success, a business must envision marketing as a business development technique— a broad brush approach to build a business through a variety of marketing channels, to enable the selling team to increase sales. And is the most common problem to befuddle the small business is they think of marketing as—

Yes, marketing is all of that, but does a small business need to spend time and a ton of dollars branding, hoping it yields a return on investment some time in the future?

If a small business advertises, where do they put their advertising dollars? In a newspaper? On the radio? Maybe the TV? Restaurant place mats? Hoping something works?

Who has the time and resources to create a promotional campaign that is all wrong for the company and placed on all the wrong channels of communication and better yet, can afford the promotion hoping to get a response?

To some, marketing is everything a company does to build and promote its products or services. That is a good use of marketing. But eventually, marketing loses its glamor or attention, it falls way short of expectations. From that point onward, marketing is never enough!

 Other organizations who have ventured down similar marketing paths and felt somewhat disappointed, may decide to ramp up sales by adding bodies to the sales force. That may work for a time, but it usually leads to a dead end, leaving you where you started but with less money.

 Business growth and development is a very specific strategy an organization needs in its business building activities. Business growth and development does not replace marketing— it increases marketing effectiveness by maintaining a steady flow of communication to your marketplace.

 Business growth and development does not replace sales, but it increases sales because your market is better informed and educated by better selling efforts. This leads to improved sales, happy selling, generating larger profit margins, an increase in return on assets, and the accountability of your sales team.

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