“I Need a Headline That Work in All Media”

“I Need a Headline That Work in All Media”

Writing creative headlines will yield significant results and increase the readership of your copywriting.

If your marketing results are anemic, you obviously ignore that a good headline attracts your customers to look more about what you offer.

He’s a quick reminder. Direct 2 customers marketing is all about reading. If you can get people to read your copy, you can get people to buy your products. However, to get people to read your copy, you must write strong headlines.

To write a good headline, you must have four objectives: attract attention, select your prospects, deliver a well thought message, and pull readers into the body copy.

Headlines are vital to the success of any advertising, but it is especially important for direct 2 customers. A good headline is like money in the bank.

I Create Headlines to Grab Attention.

I create them to pull the reader into the heart of my copy.  No absolute authority dictates how long a headline should be. The real question is what you must say to earn your reader’s attention to the rest of your copy.

A person reads, listens and watches for knowledge, information, or just for fun, but never to make them work. How the words you choose in your headlines make all the difference of successful marketing and sales campaign.

“Learn by reading, Learn by doing.”


Ask yourself a few questions before you select a headline:

  • Have I made a promise. 
  • Have I painted a picture.
  • Have I created a sense of urgency.
  • Have I explained how my product and service can solve a problem.
  • Have I explained why it is an incredible bargain.
If your creative channel is out or sorts,

focus on creating a “how-to” or “why” or “number series” as added value. Then analyze your notes carefully and write your copy into the headline or subject line, just about anywhere you plan a marketing campaign. The product you sell and the attention you want from your audience, determine the type of headline you want to use.

In addition,

headline writing tools are paramount in email subject lines, social media, mobile, websites, landing pages, video, or anywhere else you would capture a prospect or customer. You need a crafted assembly of copy to get as many eyeballs as possible.

Do I need a headline to work in all media?

The headline for this post would capture more eyeballs if I added “How to” replacing the “I need.” There are way too many communication channels and different needs of people that make one headline useful in all shapes and sizes.

Let me know what you think.

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