I’m looking for answers.

I’m looking for answers.

“If business growth is all about your marketing and sales effort, which one adds more to the bottom line?”



Throughout my ownership of a small business, I worked with a variety of healthcare practices, higher education, universities, B2B companies, direct mail companies, a proud selling solution provider as a partner, and entrepreneurs like myself.

No one small business I met with was the same as the next, but for marketing their products or services, marketing, advertising, and selling was usually in all the wrong ways.

Hence, I am looking for comments to the second headline of this post. Do you agree or disagree?

Which one adds more to the bottom line, marketing, selling, or both? Please share your thoughts and experience with some examples if possible in the comments below.

Let me Explain

Let me Explain

Most small businesses are excellent at one or the other, but rarely very good at both. Based on experience, depending on which one the management team is comfortable with, well, it could be one or the other. Either will grow the business if leadership makes sure there is a firm commitment to the sales or marketing effort.

However, why stop at one?

Today, the future success of an organization’s sales team depends on the business leadership and their development strategy. The strategy is usually a blend of their marketing and sales tactics they have developed over the years. Logically, that provides results needed to keep a business growing.

But somewhere down the line, business growth becomes stagnant.

Leadership has become complacent. It seems like when a small business finds a new customer, an existing customer somehow disappears. It becomes more difficult to meet business growth goals.

Once contracted, I collect a lot of information about a company’s marketing and sales teams. I ask selected questions and provide examples from my e-Book, Custom-Made Marketing, to stimulate discussions.  Marketing professionals and salespeople love first class business growth and development ideas.


Summary -

Build A Direct Marketing Strategy Using the Four Basic Business Building Blocks Below.

When marketing and sales are looking to return to first-class business growth and development.


The business team must have a complete understanding of customers’ and prospects’ needs and wants, and selling the products and services that meet those needs and wants. People change. Markets change.




A successful selling growth strategy requires a focus on the basic skills of prospecting, lead generation, and face-to-face selling. Add personalization as a goal. Do you need better data? Is your database or CRM up-to-date? Don’t grimace, just do it!


Leadership must define “what is a great sales lead” and what are the steps to take to nurture the lead prospect into a customer. A past customer will require some incentives to establish them as a returning customer.


Provides a customer service strategy that encourages more and repeat business. Learn more about prospects and customers. I used a storybook type of writing that served as a reminder of the needs and wants of each prospect and customer. Add personalization. Become known as a solution provider.

OK Mike, you asked,

but why is business growth and development more challenging today?

First, let me hear your answers and comments.

I want to get an ongoing discussion session and share with us what you learned by reading and/or by doing. I’ll be happy to share my thoughts and answer all your questions. 

Plus, all answers and comments will receive a free subscription to our Direct2Customers Marketing community and an issue of Direct Marketing+Mail Success.

I will complete this blog post week, February 8th.

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