Seriously, Why Do I Need a Landing Page?

by | Jan 13, 2021

Really-it’s more than your last chance for a purchase now!

You risk the chance of losing the customer forever.

A landing page creates a sense of urgency or immediacy—giving customers and prospects a reason to buy or to act now! Force the action, response, or the purchase to occur now, rather than later or not at all.

When You Learn More, You Will Earn More.

  1. A landing web page allows your customers to access a web page that speaks directly to them. It is a great tool for integrating offline, online, and email messages to increase the effectiveness of your direct marketing campaigns.
  2. Use proper design elements. The design of the page can influence the reader’s feeling of the offer’s urgency.
  3. Learn by reading, learn by doing.
  4. Do not request too much information. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes—there is nothing more off-putting than a request for excessive personal information. 
  5. You can have fun with direct marketing in the traditional and digital worlds—combine tricks and tactics, work with benefits, and motivate your readers to consider something new.
  6. Landing pages are quite the accomplice to other direct marketing communication channels.
  7. Give the reader a little motivation or an offer of value. Do not get greedy, just go for one goal and you will capture more later.
  8. Direct marketing can make a buying experience more pleasant for the customer and measure the effectiveness of different ads, copy or design with a landing page. Consider employing a game or contest to attract more people to learn more about your company or organization.

Direct marketing mail, email, plus other affordable communication channels increase more participation and successful campaigns.

Don’t forget about ABT – Always Be Trying or is it Always Be Testing? Either will work for you, so try ABT in your next marketing campaign. 

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Direct marketing copy is like a puzzle.

Sharing my time with you is not over at the end of a post. There are many ideas I experienced in owning a small business. My ideas about using and writing direct marketing and customer-centric copy are from my experience as a small business owner and a marketing entrepreneur in marketing, advertising, and selling content, articles, reports based on my philosophy of people learn by reading, then learn by doing.

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