Creating Effective Direct Marketing Copy is More Important Than Ever Before

What you need to do is think carefully about what you sell, to whom, and how best to make them want to act. 

Direct marketing has hundreds of tactics to reach your customers…

 The efficiencies of direct marketing led to a long success for many small business marketing firms and importantly, how to make them work for your small business today. Today I read a report that larger companies are eyeing ways to use it as well.In small businesses...

A Landing Page

Landing pages are quite the accomplice to direct marketing+mail. They get visitors the exact information they need to say yes and show how easy it is to place an order. Direct marketing can make a buying experience more pleasant for the customer and measure the effectiveness of different ads, copy or design with a landing page.

Give the reader a little incentive, or an offer of value. Do not get greedy, just go for one goal and you will capture more later.

Data is GOLD found within your customers, sales prospects and any other marketing lists…

“Which marketing channel is the best one for us to use?” The best answer may be all of them. What channels do your customers respond to? All your contacts in your databases control the marketing communication channel they use in their company. 

Are you looking for a higher revenue stream?

Meet with non-competing business associates you admire and even your customers. Other people to know may be in your local chamber of commerce, junior colleges, a community business association or in local business schools.

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Another way to use a call-to-action (CTA)

As a marketer or salesperson, help your customers feel they want to do something. Maybe they need more information, a sample of the product or service or “buy this product and you can do this or that or whatever you want to do.” Inspire them.

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How to Survive and Succeed in A New Small Business…

A goal to chase after is to fulfill all the needs and wants each customer expects, with a passion to succeed, providing an extra step of service and do it all with a smile, and a strong value proposition to keep customers coming back. In fact, this is what we use to keep us on track meeting the needs of our customers.

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I thought you might want to know a few promos from the USPS…

Recipients can access these links from their daily USPS email notifications. This is an excellent opportunity for mailers to “double down” on their touch points with mail recipients-a digital touch before they open their mailbox and then again when they open the mail piece.

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