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Learning more about your customers adds to better response. Strategically, a customer–centric marketing strategy offers you a different perspective about your customer purchases, which is a use-able tactic in future marketing campaigns. Yes, it is time-consuming, but extremely rewarding. Your customers will tell you a lot about themselves when they make their purchases. Record this data and use it in future marketing campaigns to determine it’s worth.   

Valuable information you need to know to fine tune marketing and selling in the Covid-19 pandemic.

The only known that I am sure of, is not to do nothing. I recently read an article on the CDC website that this pandemic may last through 2021. 

Your advantage is what you decide on doing now, going hard after new and present business, will keep working for your company in the new world you are facing when a vaccine is available for controlling and ending the pandemic.  

Could you comment how your company has changed the way they are marketing in the pandemic.? 

Conversely, if your company is facing tough times in marketing and sales, send me a note or comment about your situation and I’ll be happy to share some suggestions. 

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Why Old-Fashioned Direct Mail Is Still Awesome for B2B Companies

The postal service reminds us today, nearly four in five B2B companies open most of their direct mail.  Digital marketing and advertising tactics are playing a major role generating interest among consumers who are not already customers. Demand creation through...

Here is a Short Story About Buying into a Long Tail

Sometimes, however, there is a tendency to concentrate so heavily on seeking new customers that we often overlook the ones we already have.

Not Every Direct Marketing Strategy Will Suit Every business

View marketing as a science. Whatever product or service you offer your audience, everyone is different. The larger the audience, you must adjust your data collection and analysis. You will need to adjust or add new segments and customer profiles on a schedule. Change comes and goes differently within your audience. You are always reading and always doing.

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The Art of Copywriting

This form of writing stems from the well-informed point of view. For example,
My name is John Smith, President of XYZ Company, and 99.5% who have purchased Product X, make more in sales than all the other products combined.”
The third person is more authoritative by mentioning the person by name, his or her position and further, by building a clearer brand image for company X.

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