“I’m looking for answers.” Part Two.

Other organizations who have ventured down similar marketing paths and felt somewhat disappointed, may decide to ramp up sales by adding bodies to the sales force. That may work for a time, but it usually leads to a dead end, leaving you where you started but with less money.

A Landing Page

Landing pages are quite the accomplice to direct marketing+mail. They get visitors the exact information they need to say yes and show how easy it is to place an order. Direct marketing can make a buying experience more pleasant for the customer and measure the effectiveness of different ads, copy or design with a landing page.

Give the reader a little incentive, or an offer of value. Do not get greedy, just go for one goal and you will capture more later.

Here is a Short Story About Buying into a Long Tail

Sometimes, however, there is a tendency to concentrate so heavily on seeking new customers that we often overlook the ones we already have.

Customer Choice

My experience as a business owner and a direct marketing geek, I know that sometimes less is more when it comes to choosing. In other words, choice comes with a cost. 

The Six Secrets of No-Surprise Printing

Proofing is also important. It is often tempting to rush when you are working under a deadline, but it is always better (and much cheaper) to correct a mistake before printing begins. Show your last design to several people, include those who have not worked on the project.

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Are Today’s Customers Harder to Reach?

So, what is different today? We have the technology to meet face-to-face. For example, any good salesperson would say, “I need to set the table on why my product or service is better.” A small ticket price salesperson must also set a table to get a sale. It is not what you know or who you know, it is what you know about the person you are selling to. What does he or she know about you?

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Why do I Share Content?

Every business is unique. When I started my first company, I did a lot of reading and research for my company marketing and sales. I had a lot of questions to ask potential customers to arrive at a program that works for them.

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Seven Fundraiser Tips to Reach Supporters…

How do professional nonprofit fundraisers raise millions of dollars for their non-profits every year? What are their secrets to fundraising? The answer is trust and establishing confidence in direct copywriting.

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