Here’s how to use a secret B2B marketing code…

Many of today’s successful B2B campaigns are using a variety of strategies in direct marketing, direct response, customer-centric, data driven, websites and landing pages, social media, digital and content marketing with a variety of communication channels to reach contacts and turn them into customers.

It pays to do your research. Here’s how.

Building your marketing and advertising is like building a home. There are many pieces, some equal in use and some are unique.
The result is a very practical home meeting the needs of many people. Our newsletter, blog, papers, and so on, copywriting has the same criteria.
Only the best copywriting can capture more sales and customers.

Pick A Marketing Communication Channel, But Not Just Any Channel

The choice is theirs. Customers and prospects have more choices to buy than just your company. If your business is in everyone’s busy book, how do you stand out? So, for instance, a direct marketing strategy is one of the more valuable tools in building an offer. An offer is vital for success. Still, many businesses assume their product is good enough to sell as is without an offer. Guess what? Wrong.

Are Today’s Customers Harder to Reach?

So, what is different today? We have the technology to meet face-to-face. For example, any good salesperson would say, “I need to set the table on why my product or service is better.” A small ticket price salesperson must also set a table to get a sale. It is not what you know or who you know, it is what you know about the person you are selling to. What does he or she know about you?

Direct Mail Made Quite a Few Buck$ for Mortgage and Financial Firms When Mailing to Customers and Prospects…

Not long after the emergence of a digital marketing strategy, many industries had jumped on board the digital highway, embracing these new channels. However, in the mortgage and financial industry, the benefits of this the new medium created some confusion. So, many firms in the industry held back, and continued to use the marketing tactics that worked for them in the past.  

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Proven ways to increase customers and take your small business to the next level

I created a tour of the E-book, so you can learn more about each module, and how Kristen, a small business marketing manager, got on board to help her boss get more business. Just follow the purple arrows on the left of the page, pointing downward after clicking on this page link.
The slide presentation reads like a walk-through on how to increase your efficiency of marketing, advertising, and selling using the first Module, A Situation Analysis, with thought-provoking questions, to get a better understanding of a company like yours in marketing, selling and other business operations. Check out the E-book table of contents on the second slide in the presentation.

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Why Use Four Simple Steps to Sharpen Your Proofing Skills?

“I used a spellchecker,” you say. “So, I know it’s got to be perfect!” But, oh how wrong you are.
Sure, a spellchecker catches blatant spelling errors. But what about the time you typed form when you meant from? Or (as noted in our headline example) when you typed you when you meant your? The instead of they? Of instead of off?

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