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BLOG – MarketingDoc

Hey marketers, “did you hear the latest about Informed Delivery from the US Postal System?”

Informed Delivery® is a free and optional notification feature that gives residential consumers the ability to digitally preview their letter-sized mail and manage their packages scheduled to arrive soon. 

Data is GOLD found within your customers, sales prospects and any other marketing lists…

“Which marketing channel is the best one for us to use?” The best answer may be all of them. What channels do your customers respond to? All your contacts in your databases control the marketing communication channel they use in their company. 

Visuals attract and make the reader pause…

Prospects and customers will overlook the best words and most monumental ideas unless something grabs their attention. Producing “grabbers” work well with about any communication channel today.
The grabber for direct mail is ???

I thought you might want to know a few promos from the USPS…

Recipients can access these links from their daily USPS email notifications. This is an excellent opportunity for mailers to “double down” on their touch points with mail recipients-a digital touch before they open their mailbox and then again when they open the mail piece.

Not Every Direct Marketing Strategy Will Suit Every business

View marketing as a science. Whatever product or service you offer your audience, everyone is different. The larger the audience, you must adjust your data collection and analysis. You will need to adjust or add new segments and customer profiles on a schedule. Change comes and goes differently within your audience. You are always reading and always doing.

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The Art of Copywriting

This form of writing stems from the well-informed point of view. For example,
My name is John Smith, President of XYZ Company, and 99.5% who have purchased Product X, make more in sales than all the other products combined.”
The third person is more authoritative by mentioning the person by name, his or her position and further, by building a clearer brand image for company X.

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