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My experience as a business owner and a direct marketing geek, I know that sometimes less is more when it comes to choosing. In other words, choice comes with a cost. 

Becoming more strategic in marketing and sales…

Selecting the best strategy or using a variety of strategies is common, but first do your homework. Just as you can’t fit your feet in a shoe size smaller than yours, you need strategies that work well with your staff and marketplace.

Creating Effective Direct Marketing Copy is More Important Than Ever Before

What you need to do is think carefully about what you sell, to whom, and how best to make them want to act. 

BLOG – MarketingDoc

I started writing the MarketingDoc blog in 2010 for small business and b2b companies. Marketing and sales are two business functions that are not as easy to create revenue success as one would suspect. When I write, I strive to teach a reader something about either or both business functions, I bear in mind, both impact lead generation. It’s a methodology I call “learning and doing.”

Use essential and reliable marketing channels to reach customers…

Learning more about your customers adds to better response. Strategically, a customer–centric marketing strategy offers you a different perspective about your customer purchases, which is a use-able tactic in future marketing campaigns. Yes, it is time-consuming, but extremely rewarding. Your customers will tell you a lot about themselves when they make their purchases. Record this data and use it in future marketing campaigns to determine it’s worth.   

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Here’s how to use a secret B2B marketing code…

Many of today’s successful B2B campaigns are using a variety of strategies in direct marketing, direct response, customer-centric, data driven, websites and landing pages, social media, digital and content marketing with a variety of communication channels to reach contacts and turn them into customers.

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Valuable Pointers That Will Help You…

Personalization pays. Personalized reply cards and letters almost always out-pull non-personalized direct mail as well in email and other communication channels you may select. But you need a guide and a good guide cannot only show you if it’s right for you but can help you learn how to best use it for your situation.

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Five Strong Marketing Skills to Kick Up Your Response Rate…

Imagine if you were able to accelerate your marketing message frequency to customers, by boosting response using strategic marketing in direct and customer-centric marketing?

Next, imagine directly reaching customers online with a dash of traditional marketing, such as email for example, with a higher frequency of response, building and writing a series of relevant marketing messages.

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